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Unlike many traditional public sector advisory firms, The Millennium Group Int’l (MGI) is a privately-held, owner-operated firm focused on supporting clients functioning in challenging global contingency operations environments. Working within our clients’ operations, we create positive seamless efficient and economic advisory support. MGI provides the following advisory services associated with the management and delivery of operations support services.


An operational strategy must define the tactics and processes that support corporate strategy and generate real, measurable results. This differs from a corporate strategy which charts the course for competitive advantage, growth, and success.

Measuring and analyzing your company impact can help drive the success of future business development. Learn what messages and channels are working, and how to most effectively reach your audience—so you can achieve your company goals, understand brand reputation and boost ROI with stratigic support from MGI.


In order to cultivate growth and achieve success, enterprises must implement a systemized approach to managing business-change efforts, manage large programs while mitigating potential risks, and regularly manage small projects while maintaining focus on the larger corporate vision.


Entities view supply chain management as simply beating down suppliers’ prices. In reality, successful supply chain management is about understanding and optimizing not only product flow, but also the information flow that enables the enterprise to measure, report, and manage the supply chain process. Supply Chain management is the greatest area of opportunity in most entities to create operating efficiency, improve product quality, reduce total system costs, and improve customer satisfaction. International sourcing in order to meet international contingency support and delivery add an additional dimension of complexity.


Risk is anything that may jeopardize successful completion of a project. A danger companies often face is underestimating the risks to project success. Our risk analysis methodology identifies project completion obstacles in advance so preventative measures can be taken as early as possible.