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Logistics & Base Operations

Facility Maintenance, Base Operations Support (BoS), procurement, construction, renovation, and project management are performed by skilled experienced professionals.


Our value is in our capability to organize and utilize local resources appropriately, which helps us reduce costs and increase efficiency. Understanding procurement procedures, political climates, government entity interaction and local business resources has enabled MGI to transcend borders completing quality projects at competitive prices.We have performed turn-key solutions to support clients in challenging operating environments around the world. Our facilities teams are comprised of former military and commercial industry construction, engineering and base operations professionals with experience managing large scale global programs.We offer complete turn-key operations as well as individual services on an as needed basis. Understanding key elements of base camp operations is the key to our success.


Facility Operations & Maintenance

  • Camp Management Services (CMS)
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering Design to Specifications
  • Base Operations Support (BoS)
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Living Support Services
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Energy Control Measures
  • Transportation
  • Airlift Capability
  • Communications
  • Infrastructure Security & Onsite Security Support


Recruitment and Rapid Mobilization

MGI can mobilize an advance small team of Subject Matter Experts CONUS and OCONUS, staffing difficult programs within your time requirements.

Our proven vetting program is used to determine the suitability of candidates for positions in and outside of our firm.

  • Large network of qualified personnel
  • Thorough background investigations
  • Language proficiency verified through ACTFL testing